Meet Scruffy

SCRUFFY PUPPY was born in Seattle early 2016 during a fun brain-storming session between family members. We are an independent, family-run company with the common passion for dogs and dog products. 

Since you are curious, there's nothing fancy here and we are not trying to be the next get-rich start-up. We simply want share our love of dogs with K9 lovers around the world, and hopefully inspire you along the way to consider rescuing one of man’s best friend the next time you are looking for a companion. If providing you with quality dog products, the latest news for our furry friends and a little educational stuff gets us closer to saving one dog, then it’s worth it to all of us.

 If you have any questions, just bark at us on Facebook, Instagram or send us an email. We'll make sure to respond to you.

The Scruffy Puppy Team