Winter pet care

6 easy tips to make your pet's life more comfortable during the winter

Go outside when the sun shines

No brainer. It not only feels warmer when it's sunny but it also provides you and your pet with the necessary vitamin D we lack during the long winter months. 

Keep your pets inside

Aside from the daily walks and playing outside, keep your pets inside. It's not safe to leave them out in cold temperatures and they are the happiest around us anyway. 


Cold weather makes the skin dry. Add coconut or fish oil to your pets diet to prevent itchy, flaky skin. If necessary, you can also apply coconut oil to the dry skin. Seriously, tell me something coconut oil is not good for! :)

Dog boots

Dog boots hep you keep your pets paws dry and warm. They also prevent them from being exposed to too much salt and de-icers. 

Paw care

Salt and de-icers can be toxic to your pet. Try to keep your dog away. 

Don't leave your pet in the car (ever)

Whether it's hot or cold weather, never leave your pet in the car unattended. Your car quickly becomes a fridge in freezing temperatures. Like people, different dogs handle cold weather differently. As a general rule, pets with longer hair can endure cold better. 

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