Why having a senior dog is a great idea

Most dogs start their senior years around seven. They slow down a little bit, have less energy and their senses start to deteriorate. There are way more benefits to having an older dog though. If you are considering getting your family a pet, think about getting one that has a little more mileage. Here is why:

1. They need homes too

 Unfortunately most of the older pets are overlooked at the shelters. These hard-to-adopt animals would be perfect for any family willing to take them in. The majority of people looking for a dog at shelters are going to want to adopt a puppy or a younger dog.

 2. You may save a life

 The shelters and rescues are full of older dogs. The sad truth is that they are also the first ones to be euthanized.

 3. They are usually trained

 Most of these older pets have an abundance of experience and training under their belt. You won’t have to spend countless hours trying to teach them basic commands like you would with puppies. Since they probably spent years living with a family, they have manners as well.

4. They are calm and less energetic

 Older pets have less energy to go crazy and run around the house all day long. They prefer hanging out by their side, taking naps and go on slow walks in the park. They are perfect for couch potatoes and older people.

5. They are less destructive

 You don’t have to worry about your pet trying to find your shoes and chew on them, or destroy furniture. Older pets are usually way past this stage so even if you have to leave the house for a few hours, you are probably going to find your place exactly as it was before.

6. They are great company to senior citizens

Elderly people tend to prefer elderly pets as well. They are equally calm and relaxed, their need for exercise is also lower making it a perfect fit.


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