Is my dog crazy? - Weird dog habits explained

1. Chasing her tail

Watching your dog chase her tail can be amusing. You might wonder what is the real reason behind it. There could be multiple things in play.
The first one is kind of obvious: your pup is bored. Initiate a little play time and see if the problem still exists.
If your dog doesn’t stop doing this or starts aggressively chewing on her tail, you might want to look into the issue a little more. Chasing her own tail could be caused by compulsive disorder. Animals develop compulsive disorder due to separation anxiety, abuse, confinement, injury or trauma.
Finally, your dog could have fleas or worms that requires treatment.
No matter what the cause is, it’s better to go and see your vet. It might be nothing you should worry about, but it's always better to be safe than sorry.

3. Tilting the head

This is one of the most adorable thing dogs can do. Most of the time they do this whenever they hear weird noises. By tilting their head, they open up their ear canal so they can better hear the sound and the direction it is coming from. I'm guilty of making weird noises just to see how cute my dog reacts. :) 

4. Howling

 Why do dogs howl? Mainly it's a form of communication, seeking attention or letting their presence be known.

Other times it's a response to high-pitched noises that usually stops once the trigger of the sound stops. 

5. Humping

Humping can be quite annoying, especially if your dog is doing it to strangers. When unspayed/unneutered puppies do it, it is most likely sexual. Don’t freak out if your adult dog still does it, it's completely normal.
In other cases it’s a sign of dominating other dogs by showing power and control.
Sometimes lack of socialization can cause your dog to try to hump everything he can. Solution? More puppy dates.

6. Walking in circles before lying down

This behavior is in every dog’s DNA. They used to live in the wild, where grass was tall. Walking around in circles they scared away bugs, snakes and flattened the grass to make a comfortable nest where they could sleep.


As a general rule, any time you notice your dog is doing something unusual that doesn't stop, it's better to talk to the vet and make sure everything is alright. Most of the time, there is a reasonable explanation for everything. 

Does your dog have any weird habits? Comment below! 


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