How to travel with your dog

We all love traveling and of course traveling is way more fun if you can bring your pet with you. Before you jump the gun and book your next flight to Tahiti with your dog, there are a lot of things to consider to assure the trip will be smooth. 

1. Get plenty of exercise before 

Take your dog for a walk or a run before the trip. If they get exercise, dogs tend to be more calm, go to sleep easier and that makes up for a travel experience with less problems. 

2. Let them go to the bathroom

Make sure they go to the bathroom just before departure. It could be very uncomfortable if they have to go while locked in a crate, especially on a long flight. 

3. Don't feed them for 6 hours

Dogs tend to get motion sickness. It's better to avoid eating for 6 hours before the trip so they are less likely to throw up. If you make stops, you can give them treats, preferably one with high protein content. 

4. Be calm

Keep your energy positive. Dogs sense everything. Don't act sad or make the impression that there is something wrong. They will grow more anxious and might be harder to travel with them. Bring their blanket, favorite toy, stuffed animal or bone. A familiar item will help them to stay calm and relaxed. 

5. Use a crate

Buy a crate that's big enough for them to stand up, turn around and sleep comfortably. Leave them enough water to drink. If you travel on an airplane, it could be helpful to put signs on the crate with the name of your dog, mark which side of the crate should go up, etc. Leaving leashes and collars in the crate could be potentially dangerous, so don't leave them with your pup. 

5. Customs, vaccines, quarantine

When it comes to international travel, it's essential to know before traveling what the custom regulations are in your destination. Some countries won't allow your pet to enter, so make sure you are well aware of any rules before buying your ticket 

Some countries require quarantine for dogs entering from abroad. This could last for months, so be prepared for that. 

If your dog is not up to date on all vaccinations, make sure you take him to the vet and take care of it. Most countries require a written note from a USDA certified vet stating that your dog is in good health and has all the vaccinations necessary. 

7. Find pet-friendly accommodations

 There are plenty of dog friendly hotels all around the world. Make sure you do your research before traveling and don't end up in a hotel where they won't let you stay because of your pet. Having to find accommodation on the go can be a nightmare. 

Have you ever traveled abroad with your dog? Share your experience with us! 

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