How to find the perfect dog leash?

the perfect dog leash


A leash is one of the most important items you can purchase as a dog owner. Selecting the best dog leash is not the easiest. The key is finding one that's suitable for your dog's size and behaviour. There are multiple factors you can consider when getting ready for a purchase. 


- Nylon

Nylon is probably the most popular version. It's inexpensive, durable and there are countless colors available to choose from. Downside is that it can burn your hands if your dog is a strong puller. They are easy to clean and dry. 

- Leather

Leather is great for leashes. Extremely durable, it's easy on the hands and also looks fancy. A dog that pulls might be easier to control with a leather leash. All this comes with a price though. Leather leashes are usually the most expensive. 

- Metal/chain

Chain leashes are less than desirable because they can hurt you but most importantly your dog too. It can easily chip your dog's tooth if it gets stuck there or fracture your finger if your dog pulls. Not recommended at all. 


It's important to choose an appropriate size for your dog. Smaller breeds require thinner leashes, otherwise it will be too heavy for them. 

Larger breeds or dogs that pull stronger need sturdier, thicker leashes. 

Make sure that your leash is not too heavy as it can confuse your dog into thinking you are pulling the leash. 


- 6 foot

Probably the most popular option. It is great for walking, hiking or generally everything when you don't need to have close control over your pup. 

- 4 foot

Best suited for walking dogs around heavy traffic in busy cities. It lets you keep your pooch closer to you, but still gives enough freedom for him/her to sniff around a little bit or go to the bathroom. 

- Retractable leashes

 They are light, easy to use and gives more room for your dog to roam around. Proper use is very important since there are countless injuries every year cause by retractable leashes. It can cut your fingers, your might get pulled off your feet, etc.


No matter which leash do you choose, it is important to learn how to leash train your puppy or adult dog so that you can control every situation when out on a walk. You should always have a spare leash in case the other one gets damaged or lost. Keep the leashes clean and dry them if they get wet. 



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