5 reasons why you need to have a dog

We all know that owning a dog is awesome. Allow a few dog parents to talk about the topic for a couple hours and you'll have enough material for an entire book. Just in case you don’t have time to read that much, we've collected the 5 best reasons to have a dog.

They are loyal

Dogs are not only the most loyal creatures, they are also social animals. Whether it’s another dog, another type of animal or a human, they want to belong to a pack. Once you have a dog, you have a best friend for life.

A dog will love you unconditionally. Period.

benefits of having a dog

They lower your stress levels

Playing or simply hanging out with your dog will make you feel better, and will decrease your stress. Research shows that while doing activities with your pup, your cortisol levels drop (the hormone responsible for stress) and oxytocin levels increase in your brain. Having a dog also lowers your blood pressure.

On top of all this, bringing your dog to work significantly reduces stress related to work.

benefits of having a dog

They help your social life

Ever tried walking your dog on the street? There is no way people will not stop and talk to you. Having a dog is a great conversation starter.

Going to the dog park is as much of a social activity for dog owners as it is for the dogs themselves. I’m a 100% sure that many people enjoy going to the dog park just as much as their furry friend.

Did I mention that it’s really easy to get a date if you have a dog?

benefits of having a dog

They make you exercise

There are no excuses when it comes to walking your dog. You can skip the gym, but you can’t skip taking care of your dog. It’s not only beneficial for him, it is also beneficial for you. A 30 minute walk every day can improve your health greatly. A study showed that dog owners are more likely to reach the minimum amount of time spent on exercise per week than people without dogs.

benefits of having a dog

They are good for your heart

Having a dog also lowers your heart rate and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Do I have to go any further? Dogs are good for your body and your soul. Get one if you are ready!


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