4 common misconceptions about Pitbulls

pit bull facts

1. They have locking jaws - FALSE

The jaw of pitbulls is no different than other breeds. If you look at their skull and bone structure, you can see that they share similar characteristics to other dogs. The reason many people think they have locking jaws, is because once they grab on to something, they are determined to not let it go. 

2. They are human aggressive - FALSE

Pitbulls love humans by nature. The only reason one would attack humans (like with the rest of the breeds), if it feels threatened, is scared, or if it's trained to attack people. On top of that, it's good to know that dog aggression and human aggression are two completely different things, so if a dog is aggressive towards dogs, it doesn't mean that it will attack humans.

3. They are the most dangerous breed - FALSE

Totally wrong. The American Temperament Testing Society tested 122 breeds to find out which breeds are the most/less agressive. The pitbulls came out as the second most tolerant breed. 

4. It's not safe to adopt a pitbull from a shelter - FALSE

It's true that you don't know the history of shelter dogs. It's also true that you don't know their parents. All that doesn't mean that it's not safe to rescue a pitbull. Just ask the workers at the shelter about your potential dog's behaviour with humans and other dogs. They will not let anybody adopt a dog that's aggressive towards people. Unfortunately, many pitbulls are used for dog fighting (due to their impressive physique), but even if a dog had a violent past and was forced to fight, it can be a perfect pet who will never attack. One of the most horrific stories of dog abuse was the one involving the dog fighting ring operated by Michael Vick. His dogs were adopted after his arrest, and proved that they still love humans and even other dogs. 


Due to the bad reputation, fear and misinformation, pitbulls are the most overlooked dogs at the shelters. Unfortunately, they overbreed them and many of these wonderful dogs end up in shelters. Over 1,000,000 pitbulls are killed in the United States each year. Only 1 in 600 pitbulls ever find a loving home. This is heartbreaking. Please consider giving a chance to these amazing pets. 


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